Wounds and Healing

The theme of our Easter issue is Wounds and Healing. We have some wonderful articles on the theme.

From the Editorial:

The need to describe reality as something entire, undivided and without injury has been present as long as human beings have been expressing themselves. Nowadays, we experience it in part through its lack. We long for integration with our true selves, with each other in our communities and with the greater world around us. The Act of Consecration of Man offers us the ‘medicine that makes whole’. Whatever challenges we face, we can ask what serves the reintegration of ourselves, our communities and our world. Acting to serve this return to wholeness means that we are aligned with the purpose of the communion, and of the whole Act of Consecration, namely to serve the world’s evolving.

You can see the full list of articles by clicking on the image below. If you take out an e-subscription, you will be able to read all of these articles and the next year’s as well.

Tom Ravetz 

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