Light in the darkness

New issue for December, 2021-February, 2022

Each time we celebrate the Act of Consecration, we pray that we might perceive Christ’s light in our daylight. Kevin Street describes in his review essay, Christ’s Light, how this phrase resounded in his soul through decades. In the course of the year, we first meet this light in Advent as it dawns out of twilight. Craig Wiggins describes the journey of the light through the festivals of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany in The soul is woven out of light and darkness. Two further articles explore vital questions that arise when we think about the light. How do we get beyond binary thinking when thinking about light and darkness? Michael Bruhn addresses this question in his article Light and darkness—from duality to trinity. In Light in the darkness—theology meeting science, Roger Druitt addresses a question that goes to the very core of the convictions of the founders of The Christian Community. How can we overcome the old experience of a divided world, for which the light of heavenly revelation and inner illumination belong to a different realm than the kind of light that physicists speak of? Such an enquiry asks us to extend our concepts of science as well as theology.    

  • Tom Ravetz

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