Issue on Learning from Life published

The September-November 2016 issue has been published and will be available online in December. You can see the contents here.

Here’s the editorial:


Learning means far more than simply acquiring skills or new behaviours. When we learn, we make meaning out of our experiences. This meaning has the paradoxical quality that it is unique to us as well as being part of the universal truth that we have grasped.

What a difference it would make if we thought of ourselves not as homo sapiens, the one who already knows, but as homo cognoscens, man the learner. We would embrace change and uncertainty as opportunities to learn, rather than experiencing them as threats to our stability.

Can the angels learn anything new? Their consciousness is all-embracing and uninterrupted. Logically, there is nothing for them to learn, because they already know everything. Just as children often bless us by making unexpected connections, even by their misunderstandings, we could imagine that our learning is significant for the angels. Then all the changes that we face and the meaning that we make from the experiences that we have would have a significance far beyond our own horizon; they would be nourishment and fulfilment for those spiritual beings who have placed us into this world and who look with eager interest to see what meaning we will make out of it.

Tom Ravetz

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