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Light in the darkness

New issue for December, 2021-February, 2022 Each time we celebrate the Act of Consecration, we pray that we might perceive Christ’s light in our daylight. Kevin Street describes in his review essay, Christ’s Light, how this phrase resounded in his soul through decades. In the course of the year, we first meet this light in […]

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Chains of Earthly Slavery

New issue for September-November, 2021 Editorial Slavery has been much in the news recently. The passionate protests unleashed by the death of George Floyd last year seemed to release a dammed-up reservoir of feeling about our world. Whatever we may think of the forms that protest took, we surely must rejoice that sections of society […]

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Wounds and Healing

The theme of our Easter issue is Wounds and Healing. We have some wonderful articles on the theme. From the Editorial: The need to describe reality as something entire, undivided and without injury has been present as long as human beings have been expressing themselves. Nowadays, we experience it in part through its lack. We […]

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